What's in a name?

Up in the night sky of the Northern hemisphere (apologies to those of you in the Southern hemisphere!), the constellations of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor (the Great Bear and the Little Bear) are visible all year round, never disappearing below the horizon, and as Matthew Arnold so eloquently put it in his poetic work Merope, when relating the mythological story of these constellations,

The Gods had pity, made them Stars.
Stars now they sparkle
In the northern Heaven – The guard Arcturus,
The guard-watched Bear.

Thus, it seemed appropriate, when creating a new imprint here at Arcturus Publishing, that we should name it The Ursa Press. We are its guardians and our aim is that it will become an intrinsic part of the publishing scene, shining all year round with great additions to the list.

So what is the concept behind The Ursa Press?

We believe that now, more than ever, there is an opportunity to bring new non-fiction writing to a wider audience. Ours is a ‘digital first’ strategy, i.e. the titles published under this imprint will appear initially as ebooks. This strategy is built on the principle of a rapid and responsive relationship with our sales partners and readers, and we believe that a strong ebook debut can be quickly followed by print and audiobook editions.

We also believe that this is a perfect way for people in the academic world to share their knowledge with a wider audience and also – because of the peer review system that we are incorporating into the selection of titles for this imprint – for authors to benefit by enhancing their research profile.

Who is the intended audience?

Each title will be aimed at a general audience and should appeal to adult readers keen to learn about some subjects for the very first time, or who wish to know more about others.

We want you to bring new ideas to light, provide the human stories behind the history, offer new insights into well-known, or partially-known, characters, concepts or events in history, politics, the sciences, arts and literature – the sky really is the limit!

Next Steps ...

Find out more about our Editorial Board, or learn about our Submissions process. We look forward to hearing from you.