We are delighted and honoured that the Editorial Board will be chaired by Professor Gary Sheffield, one of the UK’s leading military historians. We are also pleased to welcome a number of other eminent names in the academic world. Currently, the board consists of the following people:

Professor Gary Sheffield, Chair of War Studies, University of Wolverhampton (Chair)

Dr Catherine M. S. Alexander, Honorary Research Fellow, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham

Dr Matthew Landrus, Research Fellow, History Faculty, University of Oxford

Mr Paul Lay, Editor of History Today

Dr Jessica Meyer, University Academic Fellow in Legacies of War, Faculty of Arts, University of Leeds

Dr Darren Naish, Palaeozoological Researcher & Lecturer, University of Southampton

Professor Michael Neiberg, Chair of War Studies & Professor of History, Department of National Security and Strategy, The United States Army War College

Dr Jane Potter, Reader, Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Margaret Small, Lecturer in Europe and the Wider World, University of Birmingham

Professor Peter Stanley, Associate Director, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of New South Wales

The Ursa Press welcomes all our Board members and looks forward to working with them.